“What draws people to Rob, at first, is his easy-going, cheerful charm. What sustains our interest in him, both as a person and an actor, is his depth and complexity. He combines integrity, artistic intelligence and the ability to be really funny and really sad simultaneously. You say to yourself, "Well, this guy is really efficient, all business," and then you go, "but he really cares, he's really sensitive." I like teaching/coaching him because he really wants to do the work - whatever it takes - and he makes me laugh!”
   Caroline Thomas, Total Theatre Lab"

Probably the best commercial ever that was the result of a contest entry. This spot gets far funnier than the concept should have you believe possible, 100% due to the performances of the actors involved."
   Superbowl-Commercials.org (concerning 2012 Chevy Happy Grad Commercial)"

There were plenty of candidates (Seinfeld for Acura, Ferris Bueller for Honda), but I LOVED Chevy's Grad spot. Plus, this was a contest entry, meaning it didn't cost much and features no-namers who nail it."

 "I've been meaning to ask you if you'd consider the lead role in our new production. I actually wrote the role with you in mind."
   Raffaele DiBacco of DiBacco Films -- Writer of new feature film "One"

Before I talk about what a great actor Robert Sciglimpaglia is, I want to talk about what a great guy he is. In the short time I've known him he has been nothing but good to me. If he says he is going to do something he does it. Okay, now that I got that out of the way I can talk about what a great actor he is. He really goes deep into the character he is playing. He showed up on set with a really deep back story for his character. In addition, when he is on set he gives you so much great stuff it kind of makes it hard to edit because he hits it out of the park on every take. I can't wait to work with him on more projects in the future.

 Erick Kaslov --  Writer and Director of "Her Name was Samantha"

" I have known Rob for 2 years now, and he books more work than anyone I know! A consummate professional, Rob is one of the easiest people I know to work with"
   Susan Berkley, president/producer -- The Great Voice Company, Inc.  

"Thanks Rob, You did great today . . . .
  Sarah Hutt -- The History Channel"

Thank you so much for coming. . . . It was just great having you on set and its too bad we didn't get to chat more. . . . I will call you again for future projects. . . . If you are interested and have time, we'd love to have you back."
Gigi Dement -- Oscar Winning Producer, New York

"As someone who's suffered from related types of [psychological] issues for years, you nailed it."
Fan of Film "Home/Sick" 

"I was given your audition tape and after close consideration, I'm pleased to offer you the part of George.  Your monologue was fantastic  The performance was subtle, but intuitive and conveyed the heavy emotions I was hoping for."
  Brandon Taylor -- Director of "Luminosity"

"You were fantastic in [my play]. In a role that would be easy to over-play, you hit it just right."
  Michael R. McGuire -- Author of "It Comes From Beyond"

"I just wanted to express my absolute delight at working with both of you and how terrific your performances were last night. I hope we can continue to work together and create more magic."
    Ron Barenburg -- Writer of off broadway productions; "Assaulting a Vagina", "Tables" and "Downsized"

"Great session!  You are easy to direct and fun to work with."
  Bobby Holder -- The Actors Project, NYC"

I  just  want  to  say  that  Robert  is  a  fantastic  actor.  He  portrayed  the  character  exactly  the  way  I  imagined  it.  Robert  was  always  on  point  with  his  lines  and  anyone  who  chooses  to  use  Robert  for  a  part  will  not  be  disappointed  because  I  know  that  I'm  the  not  only  one  who  feels  this  way.  Robert  is  not  only  a  great  actor  but  a  great  person  who's  open  to  any  ideas.  Thanks  Robert."  
  Sergio  Velez  --  Brooklyn,  New  York

"Any  new  projects  I  start  I  would  love  to  have  you  on  board.  You  were  terrific  in  my  film."  
  Guy  Warren  --  Writer  of  Maltese  Murder  Mystery

"I  just  wanted  to  thank  you  once  again  for  your  sharp  and  on-point  performance  in  my  film.  In  a  time  of  chaos  and  disruption,  you  were  calm  and  cooperative  and  performed  wonderfully.  It  was  truly  a  pleasure  working  with  you,  and  I  hope  to  do  it  again  in  the  future." 
    Mohammed  Maaty  --  Production Coordinator, HBO, New  York  City 

"Thank  you  again,  I  had  a  couple  other  people  take  a  stab  and  you  really  have  a  rare  talent." 
    Leon  Dekelbaum  --  New  York

"Thank  you  for  your  excellent  performance  and  outstanding  endurance  of  which  without  both,  this  film  would  not  have  been  possible.    I  am  most  pleased  that  I  selected  you  for  the  part  you  played  in  my  film.    .  .  .  On  a  final  note,  I'd  like  to  mention  that  I  truly  enjoyed  working  with  you  and  that  I  expect  that  this  will  not  be  our  last  project  together.    I  am  keeping  you  in  mind  for  more  roles  in  my  upcoming  projects  .  .  .  ."
  Henry  DaSilva  --  New  York

"The  Aquafina  spot  was  perfect!  You  truly  have  a  great  and  dynamic  voice.  I've  heard  other  voice-over  talents,  and  you  by  far  are  the  best.  I'll  definitely  consider  your  talents  on  future  projects."
  Sidney  Diongzon  --  LA  California
"Robert,  thank  you  for  everything!  Your  talents  have  definitely  exceeded  my  expectations  and  it  was  a  pleasure  to  work  with  you.  .  .  .Attached  is  the  Dodger's  commercial,  and  it's  definitely  one  of  my  favorites.  "
  Sidney  Diongzon.  --  LA,  California

"Robert  it  was  a  pleasure  working  with  you  .  .  .  .  I  look  forward  to  working  with  you  again."
  Natural  Langdon  --  Writer and Director, "Bullets Over Brownsville", New  York"

You've  got  a  great  'regular  guy'  voice,  which  believe  me,  is  hard  to  find.  You  also  knew  how  to  read  the  part.  .  .  .We'll  certainly  keep  you  in  mind  for  future  work."
  Pat  Dugan  --  Hartford,  Connecticut

"Rob Sciglimpaglia is a director's dream actor. Not only does he give a great performance and take notes seriously while offering his own input into aspects of the script and story, Rob is also highly dedicated to the film, always giving 110% into the project, whether it's staying an extra hour on set to get the last scene shot or traveling a far distance to the shoot location, arriving even earlier than scheduled, ready and willing to work. He always had a positive attitude and clicked perfectly with the other cast and crew members on the set. And for all of that, I not only feel privileged have gotten the chance to work with Rob but I also look forward to hopefully working with him again on future projects."
  Danny Pytell -- Writer and Director of "Home/Sick"